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How to care for your Amanti Jewellery

As our pieces are 3D printed, they are more durable than your average, metal piece of jewellery, however, they still do require some TLC to keep them looking great.

Please note that some variations might arise due to the 3D printing production process. We craft our products initially with a 3D printer and then refine each item by hand. These slight differences contribute to the uniqueness and individuality of each one-of-a-kind piece and do not compromise the quality, comfort, or finish of our designs.

Please note that exposure to water is unlikely to damage your Amanti 3D printed item, however, care should be taken should your item include glass gems, semi-precious stones, or other metals materials.

It is good practice to remove your Amanti items before swimming, bathing, or washing your hands as this will ensure that it is kept in the best condition possible.


the Amanti team ❤️‍🔥

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